Sunday, September 19, 2010

A few more links

I was delighted to find this 12 year old quote, since my impression was that PLN was a recent concept.
Copyright ©1998 Daniel R. Tobin
How can your learning network help you?
  • By helping you to sift through all the data to identify the information that will be most useful to you.
  • By helping you to identify learning resources and opportunities.
  • By coaching you and answering your questions as you try to apply your learning to your work.
  • By sharing their wisdom with you through dialogue.

There's much more information on The Educator's PLN than I can absorb, but like PLENK, it provides a place to start. Aggregating & filtering sites like this purport to be PLNs, but in actual fact, this would be one node on someone's personal network.

another diagram that helps make sense of my place in the journey to using new tools for learning. Jeff Utecht explains it more fully on "The Thinking Stick"

Karl Fisch cross posted an
ISTE article which sees a PLN as a kind of filter to keep from spending too much time sorting through the mediocre. Seeing a PLN as a filter instead of a means of access gives a different slant to it.

Chris Smith has posted a
really long list of tools neatly classified & explained.

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