Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Motivated to Tweet

I couldn’t get motivated to investigate all the hype about Twitter until yesterday. Open Access week at Athabasca University featured topics relevant to PLENK; and I suddenly had the urge to spread the word. Skype was too limited – only a handful of contacts. It’s not really a topic for discussion forums. Ah well, perhaps the time had come to put aside my uncritical prejudice against the silly name and see if Twitter would deliver. Tweeted my first tonight. I’m xb7r.

This led me to thinking about the role motivation plays in my PLE. I pursue some things because I’m interested, other things because they promise to be useful. With limited time available, these two motivators play a large role in where I invest it. A quick search found several PLENKers Tweeting about Open Access week. Maybe it wasn’t important for me to add my 140 characters. Whether I decide to continue with this new tool will depend on how useful or interesting I find it.

My friends and family have long maintained that I'm a Twitt. Guess it's official now.


  1. Not aiming to say anything profound here Jim. I'm all worn out from plenking. Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts on here- they're from the soul and 'resonated'so much with how I feel.
    Susan O'Grady

  2. Jim,
    our comments on twitter crisscrossed. So here is my comment