Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Interview - sort of

Here's my initial foray into Xtranormal - A staged interview to spout my praise for a course with no professor and no grades.


  1. I love this and tweeted forward that others find this.. THANKS Jim

  2. Thanks Heli, for the encouragement. Glad you enjoyed my bit of fun. I still intend to do a more detailed documentary of what I discovered through PLENK2010. While contemplating how to put it together last evening, I started goofing around with Xtranormal and one thing led to another until I suddenly realized I had actually created something.

  3. Thanks Jim for sharing a great summary of your learning. An enjoyable video with valuable insights into PLENK and MOOC.

  4. Humbled (for still not having written my own Plenk wrap or would that be "plenked out"?) and vastly entertained. I've been trying to explain PLENK to different audiences of the not just uninitiated but totally unfamiliar. My daughter, not in ed, tech or remotely related fields but in one with inflexible continuing ed requirements, gets it.

    Most teaching colleagues not only don't get it but figuratively stick fingers in ears and start chanting so as not to hear anything that interferes with their world view. Maybe I could just send them the link.

  5. Jim, I will use your lovely video in a workshop for teachers, who behave like in Vanessa discribtion.
    Wish you all the best for 2011