Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Joy of Reconciliation

Who could have guessed that reconciling credit card statements 6 months later could be so much fun. I'm just going through matching carefully filed slips with the July & August statements. What Memories!

Renovating a closet at Dave & Jen's, Seafood dinner with Jon, Backyard Barbecues and inflatable swimming pool, Trips to DQ with Maryn.

Shopping, shopping, shopping, delightful shopping trips with Jen & Lois.

Maryn's first trip without Mom & Dad - going to 3-Hills with Grampa & Gramma.

This is almost better than looking at a photo album.

And this post has absolutely nothing to do with MOOC - well I guess it tells me a story so I'll tag it ds106 as well.


  1. I like that. Delightful memories! Way to make a tough job enjoyable.

  2. Now you just need to link Quicken with your Photo manager, and be able to tag them so as you pull financial reports, matching pictures come up too :) Oh the options... could this be what they mean by an integrated life?

    Ok, ok, I'll go back to work now....

  3. @david - just the chuckle I needed at the end of an exhausting day.