Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crazy MacGuffin

Doesn't it seem unlikely that a coke bottle could survive a drop of several thousand feet?

Even though I haven't participated in DS106 in a long time, I still follow it part time. The MacGuffins got me hooked last night. I hadn't heard of MacGuffin before, so I spent a good half-hour reading examples in a Google search.

I also don't watch much TV nor movies, so I miss the punchline of many of these fine plot-line sabotages. I appreciated the youtube link the Bava posted with his "gangas/badges" alternative. So here's the link for anyone who hasn't seen "The gods must be crazy" - start at 8:15 if you're in a hurry. Broken Coke bottle, courtesy

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  1. I remember watching the "Gods Must Be Crazy" in the early 80s and really felt the film was crazy. It was unlike anything else I'd seen at the time. It's an odd mixture of slap stick and naturalism theater.